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Is your website collecting passwords or any other details that could be classified as sensitive information?

The search engines are now starting to notify visitors that a page connection is not secure on pages that collects password or credit card details.

Why secure your site?

If you collect sensitive information on your website it is important that your visitors knows that they can trust you and that their data will be safe. By installing SSL on your website the data transmitted over the internet between your visitors computer and your server will becomes encrypted. This means that if someone is listening, they will not be able to read what has been sent. An SSL Certificate should be used to secure your website transactions, logins, webmail and connections.

In January 2017 Google started labeling any website that does not have an SSL as 'Not Secure'.

Not Secure:

chrome ssl warning

It will show an exclamation mark in a circle even if you do not collect any sensitive data.

Compared with a secure site:

ND Secure web

More information about SSL

There are many providers and prices do vary. Your hosting company will most probably have a range of certificate that they offer. I do recommend that you research your options to find a certificate that is suitable for your business.

Links to some information and resources:

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Mobile Responsive Websites

All websites developed by Norsk Design are Mobile Responsive. This means one website will look great on all devices. A Mobile Responsive Website auto adjusts itself to the screen size for best fit without shrinking the images or text, no more need to zoom in and scroll around to see what you are doing.

mobile responsive website

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